Blessings to You

Model Lauren Mackay wearing stacks of blessing bead protection bracelets and semi precious gemstones and a 108 Blessing Bead mala/ necklace with insert gemstones and a handmade tassel.  The tassel represents the 1,000 petal lotus a symbol of enlightenment.  Clothing by Mijan Interlocks.  All available at Lee's Fifth Avenue in Manor Park and My Jamaica in Liguanea Plaza.

Below are some images from the Mijan Interlocks fashion show of models wearing our blessing bead malas/ necklaces and protection bracelets.

Mijan Interlocks
Backstage at the Mijan Interlocks Fashion show where our jewelry accessorized the collection.  It was a spiritual themed fashion show with chanting, drumming and world beat music.  Models Gabrielle Davis and Maylynne Lowe wearing our Blessing Bead Protection bracelets with  gemstones and 108 blessing bead mala/ necklace with gemstone inserts.

Shop Story and Myth

If you see something on our facebook page send us a message and we can place it in our etsy shop for you to buy. Items take 3 to 4 days and ship anywhere in the US from Jamaica, you can also track your items online. Contact us for the discount code before checkout.

Darkness to Light

For there to be awareness one needs to experience darkness.  True light workers have walked the path and know the way towards the light.  They are awake, alert, innate, primal senses realized.
This styling is  more dark in comparison to sunny island sea and sand imagery.  It represents an awake and grounded  individual an empowered human being, a warrior, a goddess.  Someone who has confronted the shadow and sees it for what it is.
Story and Myth Blessing Beads, sacred, spiritual, sourced from secret island finds.  Protection bracelets and malas (assorted prayer bead necklaces shown).

Island Inspired Spiritual Jewelry

Island inspired handmade protection bracelets and 108 bead malas/ prayer bead necklaces.  Mixing indigenous Job's tears seeds with semi precious gemstones.  The Job's tears seeds comes from an ornamental grass in Jamaica.The seeds are harvested by a local farmer and the jewelry is assembled by a small community of artisans.  Each peace is made with intention and love and provides blessing and protection to the wearer.

A Mala of Love & Victory

Lord Krishna was born in the city of Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh and it is said that these seeds are found only in the forests around Mathura - the land of Krishna. In India they are known as vaijanti. They are associated with love & victory over any adversity, a mala (prayer bead) made of these vaijanti beads was believed to be a favorite of Lord Krishna.  The beads are beautiful, smooth and shiny and feel like a pearl or porcelain when tapped against the teeth. I have always known them as Job's tears named after Job in the bible. Sometimes I wonder if Krishna is Christ and vise versa - phonetically they sound similar. There are no documents of Christ after age 12 or before age 30 ~ I wonder if he was travelling throughout India as both teachings are similar. It is said that Krishna made a mala for Radha out of these seeds, as did Ram for Sita. It is also said that the Vaijanti seed comes from the forests where the god and goddess eternally make love and is a mala of love and victory.  

So all this time I have been using these beads which I absolutely love and mixing them with gemstones and just found out this wonderful new Story and Myth about them.

Yoga, Tea & Mala Beads

Eat.Bead.Love – A Mala Bead Workshop
Enjoy a gentle yoga practice followed by a workshop where you will make your very own mala prayer beads.

Job's Tears & Gemstones

Inspired by Elle Macpherson's malas (prayer beads), handmade tassels,  the beautiful Caribbean Sea, warm weather, the healing properties of this place nicknamed "the rock", the ability to wear a bikini all year.  Feeling blessed to be in Jamaica, a magical place full of possibilities, lots of island spirituality and good people here, shadows dwell here too, we pass them with a smile though.  I am in love with the Job's tears seed, here I am mixing them with gemstones in bright colours, the seeds are nurtured and grown in this nutrient rich soil and they are full of earth energy, the gemstones all have their particular healing magical qualities.  The handmade tassels represent the 1,000 petal lotus a symbol of enlightenment.  They are protection bracelets and prayer bead necklaces for you to wear as you go about your day.

Sleeping in the Dark: Protection Bracelets

Its raining in Florida, flood watches yesterday and there were tornados in North Florida.  But I am up early could not sleep had images of the Pied Piper.  The character who was able to rid the German town of Hamlin of its rat problem, he did this by playing a tune on his flute which entranced the rats who followed him into the river and drowned.  The mayor and towns people did not follow their financial agreement and did not pay him, so later he came back dressed as a hunter and played a different tune which only the children could hear.  The children including the mayors grown daughter followed the Pied Piper never to be seen again.  I mention this story because I look a little closer and tend to observe more of late.  After volunteering with two separate groups of inner city kids, whose topics are current happenings in the Kingston newspaper: police brutality, neighborhood dons, murder, violence, child abuse etc. I did some beading with them when the art supplies and art room was locked, both boys and girls were so concentrated as they beaded and strung up their own piece of jewelry, unbeknownst to them they were making a protection necklace a string of prayer beads.  Many witness violence daily they are all so young in the six grade about to go into high school, yet full of curiosity and tenderness, I wanted to somehow protect all of them when they venture out into the neighborhood, away from the school.
Later today I am hopeful there will be a great turn out inspite of the weather here.  The blessing and protection of a most beautiful space, the intention setting of several people many of whom are yogis, lovers of life.  Looking forward to a great afternoon of community, meditation, intention setting and holding sacred space, power, blessing and protection for all.
The photo above is a thank you note from the mother of a four year old who had trouble sleeping in the dark and who is now able to sleep in the dark because he wears his blessing bead bracelet which protects him.

Prana Yoga hosts Mala Making


Make Your Own Mala with Kristie Stephenson

Sun Date: Jun 23, 2013 From: 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Blessing Bead Malas (prayer beads) serve the yoga and wellness communities by providing them with an island inspired and designed necklaces and bracelets made from locally sourced materials, made by a small community of artisans.

Jamaican made malas or prayer beads. Made from the job's tears bead, we call them blessing beads. The tear shaped bead is named after Job in the bible a man who went through great suffering and loss yet kept his faith and god blessed him with double.

We create sacred spiritual jewelry by researching ancient myths and creating modern narratives in metal with precious and semi precious stones and secret island finds.

Fee Includes All Materials 
Register at the Front Desk or online at

Mala Making Meditation Workshop

IrieFarm's Deanne Zaidie will be hosting a Story and Myth Mala Making Meditation Workshop in beautiful Miami Beach on June 8th from 2:30pm to 4pm.  Email;  to secure your spot.  We will be setting intentions as you make your own piece of sacred jewelry using the Jobs tears seed bead, it is named after Job in the bible, a man who went through great suffering and loss yet he did not loose his faith in the storm, eventually he was blessed with double.  The Jobs tears seed bead provides blessings of Peace, Goodwill and Protection. They are of the earth, they come polished and with a hole, mother natures perfect bead, they grow similar to corn and are used as a food source and medicine in Asia. When tapped against the teeth they feel like porcelain.  They are full of earth energy, grounding, mixed with precious and semi precious stones we can create your own personal talisman. 

The Rani & The Raj: The Sacred Feminine & The Divine Masculine: Blessing Beads Inspiration

I have a love for Indian Bollywood movies especially historic films one of my favorites is Jodha Akbar it is about the Muslim Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great, played by Hrithik Roshan, and the Hindu Rajput Princess Jodhabai who becomes his wife, played by Aishwarya Rai. My love for Indian textiles and gems especially how in the film tons of pearls would be paired with rubies or emeralds. Here I was inspired by the spirituality in the film, the blessing beads which are tear shaped pearls from the earth in Jamaica and combining them with precious and semi-precious stones. I am creating something that gives you power and protection a personal talisman. #driven #powerul #ladyboss #sacredfeminine #divinemasculine #malagoddess #islandmala #blessingbeads #storyandmyth #108beads #rubies #jade #jobstears #yoga #mantra #prayer #intentionsetting #madeinJamaica #integrity (Rani and Raj translates as Queen and King.)

Let Go and Let God

I love getting bags of these tear shaped beads which feel like porcelain when you tap them against your teeth. They are harvested way up in the hills by Winston a rastafarian farmer and gardener I've known since I was about 10 years old. He supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to my family and for me he delivers a bag of beads, the sight of which puts a huge smile on my face. They grow like corn, some people here in Jamaica have never heard or seen them some have, but most don't know what they are. They are called Job's Tears named after Job in the bible a man that went through great suffering and loss and who was rewarded double by God for his faith inspite of all that he went through. I refer to them as blessing beads they are infused with the earth's energy. Grown in Jamaica's nutrient rich soil and sunshine the island is a magical place of grounding and healing, the rock as some people call it. I make malas or necklaces with the help of Miss Paula. We use a 108 beads a sacred number in Buddhism and Hinduism as well as in the sciences. 108 blessing beads and a mantra, a mantra is an affirmation or prayer you say and you can use the beads to count. I have given many away as blessings to friends and strangers here is one person's message to me.

 "Kristie, I wanted to tell you that I've gotten many compliments on your beads that you gave me. I wore them today simply because they matched my outfit . Then, I did my yoga 1st thing (which is a rarity) and they must have given me the courage to quit my job. I'm so happy now! Do these beads have some magic powers or something?"

We all go through difficult situations lets support each other in letting go and just letting god. Looking forward to the Caribbean Yoga Conference, the universe made it very possible to attend this year, it lined up people, places, so many many things, so inspite of how I am feeling, I am learning myself to let go and let god.


Caribbean Yoga Conference 2013

Looking forward to the the CYC this year in Montego Bay and reconnecting with the wellness community. Working on malas for the VIP presenters. Main Event January 31st to February 3rd.